Pain, Diabetes and Epilepsy – Cannabinoid Medicine

Pain disorders – Glaucoma, pain caused by cancer treatments, HIV pain relief, Fibromyalgia

High levels of THC, combined with lower levels of CBD are the best mixture to treat insomnia and provide pain relief. This includes pain relief for:

  • Fibromyalgia – a rheumatic condition where sufferers experience muscular pain and stiffness in specific parts of their bodies.

  • Glaucoma – increased pressure within the eyeball that eventually causes loss of sight.

  • HIV pain relief

  • Anti-cancer treatment related pain relief (discussed further under cancers).

  • Arthritis

  • Inflammation – CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory

Here is a video that visualises the endocannabinoid signalling system in relation to pain relief.

Diabetes and obesity

Studies are also showing Cannabis users have lower rates of diabetes and better carbohydrate metabolisms.

Intractable epilepsy

Director of the documentaryPrescribed Grass’ Zach Klein, among others, spoke to the huge benefits of Cannabis medicines for epilepsy sufferers. The earliest mention of Cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy dates back to a 15th century Arab story where an Arab leader used Cannabis indefinitely to stop his seizures.

Cannabis’ ability to completely stop seizures has been known for 34 years. Astoundingly no action has been taken.

Dr Katelaris, who’s medical license was suspended for practicing Cannabinoid medicine under laws that do not recognise its medicinal benefits, and a passionate advocate for Cannabinoid medicine, said that “the government is happy to let children get brain damage every day when salvation is at hand.”

Cannabis has a neuro-protective effect that helps to protect the brain against damage caused by seizures. Studies in mice have found that 2-AG brain receptors (Cannabinoid receptors) increase after brain trauma and lower the effects of that trauma by 50%.

There is extensive anecdotal evidence and case studies of Cannabis oils being used to treat epilepsy in children. Medical communities overseas recognise and advise its use, such as the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado.

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