Neuropsychological diseases and Cannabis medicine

Alzheimers, Parkinson’s disease, Turrets syndrome, Dementia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Cannibinoids actually inhibit the molecular basis for Alzimas because they have neuro-protective effects. Dr Bob Melamede asserted that the normal functioning of your brain cells will eventually kill you without the neuro-protective effects of cannabinoids produced naturally in the body.

A person can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after extremely traumatic events. Cannabis can be used by PTSD sufferers to stop recurrent nightmares, thoughts, anxiety, mood changes and flashbacks caused by and related to the traumatic events. Professor Bearman asserted that PTSD could be related to increased dopamine transporters in the brain. Cannabinoids can be used to slow the speed of these neural transmissions which leads to behavioural changes and better quality of life.

Dr Ilya Reznik says there is a need to switch to cannabis based neuropsychology to learn more about the plants neurological benefits.

Please click on image to read enlarged version.
Please click on image to read enlarged version.

Further studies in 2014 support Dr Reznik’s findings.

Zach Klein spoke about the results of experimental use of Cannabis medicine in an Aged Care Facility to treat Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and PTSD. Mrs A, a patient who suffered from such severe Dementia that her daily life comprised of groaning unresponsively in her wheelchair. Encouragingly, she reacted very positively to Cannabis treatments. She stopped groaning, became more lucid and she began to smile and laugh again. She no longer even needed to use her other prescription medicines.

Inspired by Mrs A’s progress other residents applied for medicinal Cannabis licenses and had “outstanding results,” said Klein. Mr G, a stroke survivor and Parkinson’s Disease sufferer, used 0.5 grams of high-THC cannabis flower taken titrated via vaporiser three times daily. Immediately his excess salivation reduced, his appetite improved and he stopped contracting infections. He could sit up straight again because the pain from his gout and arthritis had gone. He also stopped using his other medications.

The Symposium audience was shown an extract of Klein’s upcoming documentary ‘The Scientist’ where a Parkinson’s sufferer’s intensely debilitating hand tremors and pain was stopped through using Cannabis. His hand was steady and he could write once more.

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