Black Market Derived Cannabis “Pot”

Last week saw the passing of Dan Haslam. Dan suffered from terminal cancer. He used Cannabis to restore his appetite, decrease his pain and nausea and improve his quality of life. Dan and his family have been pioneering advocates for changing the way people think about medical Cannabis in Australia. Dan himself convinced NSW Premier Baird of its amazing potential. We send our condolences to Dan’s family and all who know him. Rest in Peace Dan.

Black Market Derived Cannabis “Pot”

THC is a psychoactive and is responsible for Cannabis’s bad reputation. Dr Wendy Smith from the University of New South Wales analysed Cannabis seized by NSW police and found that almost all forms of the plant consumed recreationally the have been bred to have high levels of THC and virtually non-existent levels of CBD – the Cannabinoid that counteracts THC’s psychoactive effects. Regardless of if the plant is grown hydroponically or organically, the ratio of THC and CBD in ‘pot’ in NSW are consistently skewed in favour of THC.

Scientific Advocates

Dr Illya Reznik is an independent private doctor prescribing Cannabis medications in Israel. Dr Reznik suggests Cannabis should be changed from a schedule 1 classification to a schedule 2 or 3. Dr Reznik said that Cannabis is actually safer then Ritalin.

“It is just hypocrisy, it should be stopped” he said. Dr Reznik advocated for a change to “practice based medicine” where doctors see something is working and treat patients with it at the same time as running tests.

Dr Bob Melamede, a leading authority on the therapeutic uses of Cannabis, says Cannabis “is the solution to the world’s healthcare problems”. Dr Melamede said that keeping an “anti-aging drug that cures cancer” off the market is proof of government incompetence. Thankfully the Australian government has turned to a more open-minded attitude about medicinal Cannabis.

Dr David Bearman has 14 years of experience with Cannabis medicine and proclaimed the “incredible safety profile” of the plant. In 1937 the American Medical Association said it “knows no dangers” from medicinal Cannabis use. Evidence of its benefits are quickly mounting and studies must continue. There are currently thousands (if not more) anecdotal accounts, evidence of historical uses and over 20 000 scientific studies.

Next week the blog will start to explore the conditions and diseases Cannabis can be used to treat.

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